Career Kickstart: How did you get that job?

DSC_0051Four UW alumni and one (proud) Husky-by-marriage gathered to offer advice at last week’s Career Kickstart: How did you get that job? The professionals have a variety of occupations in areas of public relations, professional women’s sports, marketing, community journalism, and broadcast, and the advice poured in from all angles to students eager to listen and learn.

Here’s one piece of advice from each of our panel members that you may not have thought about before (in addition to the video):

Lara Bain (B.A. 2005, founder of Outpost Media): Don’t underestimate the power of a hand-delivered thank you note.

Karen Bryant (B.A. 2002, President and CEO of the Seattle Storm): Maintain relationships as they may become very valuable in the future.

Forest Gibson (B.A. 2009, Executive Producer and Principal of Cinesaurus): It’s all about what you do, so if you have a job working with social media, keep track of how many Twitter followers you gain while working there.

Autumn Monahan (B.A. 2002, City of Issaquah’s Communications Manager): When it comes to romantic relationships, long distance it terrible, but worth it in the end.

Kim Holcomb (reporter and fill-in host for Evening Magazine and New Day Northwest): The industry doesn’t owe you anything and everyone has to pay their dues; so if you really want it, you’ll do it and you’ll love it.

With so much more advice packed into an hour and a half, be sure not to miss the next Career Kickstart event on March 6 to learn about how to make yourself more marketable.

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