374077_3741274931295_67417092_nHi Comm students, faculty, staff, graduate scholars, prospective majors, alumni, UW community, visitors of the site…did I miss anyone?

Welcome to a new portion of our website that will tell even more stories of the Department so that we don’t miss a beat when it comes to achievements, opinions on hot topics, important changes and more from everyone in the CMU.

I, Erica, will be the voice of the blog for now. I graduated from UW with a degree in journalism and sociology in December and love the opportunity to stay involved with the University. I’ve decided to call the blog “COMMunity Building” because I will not only be telling stories of the happenings within the structural building, but also building up our sense of community with everyone involved in the Department.

I welcome comments containing suggestions for the blog, people or events that you think need some recognition and, of course, reactions to the posts. You can also always reach me at emt22@uw.edu.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!