Video Boot Camp: Get to know our students

Alex StonehillAlex Stonehill, Artist in Residence and co-founder of the Seattle Globalist, instructed a one credit Video Boot Camp last quarter that taught a handful of students skills in shooting, editing, and posting videos to the web. These tools are becoming increasingly more relevant in all areas of communication including public relations, journalism, and business.

The criteria for the videos was pretty open, Stonehill said, but they had to show proficiency in the techniques covered in the workshops – setting up interviews, shooting b-roll, different editing techniques in Adobe Premiere, etc.

“Some of the students get very creative with it and spend a lot of time outside of class making their video really unique,” he said. “I always love watching what they produce because you find out so much about the students’ personalities and career aspirations. Who knew we had a champion break-dancer and an aspiring actor in our department?”

Here are some of the top videos from last quarter’s Video Boot Camp:

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