COM 361: Multimedia Projects

Chihuly glassCOM 361 is a required journalism course that “provides training in the development of advanced-level skills needed to gather and present news in multimedia formats.” Lecturer Florangela Davila shared some of the top projects from Spring quarter’s cohort:

Lily Katz tells the story of a 74-year-old woman that rents to sex offenders, felons, and the mentally disabled in the U-District. Check out her website to learn more at

A new lease on life from Lily Katz on Vimeo.

Kylee Zabel tells the story of a man whose life was changed by his passion for glassblowing. Read more on her website at

Here are more projects to watch from other COM 361 students:

The change in rave culture; a professional-sponsored raver –
The positive force of mixed martial arts on a UW Bothell student –
How Obama’s presidency impacted the new ASUW president –