What’s your internship?: Sarah Elson

Sarah ElsonStudent: Sarah Elson

Major: Journalism

Grade: Graduated in June

Position: Communications Intern at Avanade, an international technology and business consulting company that provides organizations with Microsoft-focused solutions. April 2013 to present, paid, 40 hours per week

Duties include: One of my main responsibilities is to write stories about how our teams have gone above and beyond for our customers. Many of the projects that our teams work on are described in a highly technical way, so my job is to present their accomplishments in a way that is interesting to the average reader. These stories are then published on Avanade’s internal website.

How did you find out about it?  

“I heard about it through an alumna of my sorority.”

What made you decide to apply?

“It sounded like a great opportunity to further develop my writing skills and learn about corporate communications.”

What do you like most about it?

“I really enjoy the team that I work with and love that I get to spend the majority of my time writing.”

Is there anything you would change?

“It has been a great experience so far. I can’t think of anything that I would change.”

What’s the working environment like?

“Since it is a consulting company, people are in and out of the office pretty frequently and on the phone a lot. I like that there is a buzz around the office.”

How do you think it will help you and your career or future goals?

“Avanade has been my first introduction to corporate communications and I have discovered that I really enjoy it and would like to pursue a career in corporate communications.”

What’s your favorite accomplishment so far?

“Unfortunately the stories that I write are for company use only so I can’t share them, but there are a couple that I think are particularly engaging. I have also learned a lot about the technology industry and Microsoft products, which I didn’t know very much about before.”