Postcard from Rome

Rome class at Villa AdrianaStudents who are studying abroad this quarter in Rome, Italy with Professor Kathleen Fearn-Banks and Karen Rathe sent us a group shot from Villa Adriana, located in Tivoli, an ancient city located about 20 miles east of Rome.

Back row, from left: Professor Kathleen Fearn-Banks, co-director; Leah Kollin, Meg Cressey, Arianna Sims, Camden Podesta, Johnson Chao, Ryan Gibson, Levi Logstrom and Trenton Williams; second row, Michelle Zhang, Lana Belikova, Jessica Camacho, Lizzie Sadler, Marisa Dichter, Adreana Song, Liana Kanaaneh, Daniel Rubens; Shea O’Donnell and Josh Griffin; front, Karen Rathe, director; Alexis Court, Sandy Ho, Alison Wulf and Hillary Zevenbergen. Photo by Anthony Hill