Top 5 Social Media Tips

Graduation is just around the corner. Are your social media sites up to par to help you find a job? Here are 5 helpful tips from three communication professionals that joined us a couple of weeks ago for the Career Kickstart Social Media Workshop.

Meet the mentors: social media mentors

1. Claim your name on all relevant sites (Twitter, Instagram, etc.). If it’s already taken, use something relevant, like your byline if you want to be a journalist (Ex. @BySallyJones). Symbols and underscores tend to not be as search friendly, but you can be witty (Ex. Linda Thomas’ handle is @thenewschick and it gets remembered). Also, create a personal website through WordPress or that has links to all your social media accounts in one place.

2. Be relevant and relatable. Make yourself human by showing personality, but be professional and cover your pages with things that you are passionate about. Don’t shout at people – encourage discussion and push out other people’s materials as much as your own work. 

3. Don’t let your emotions take over when posting to social media. Bad day at work? Had to deal with an angry client? Save it for a friend. What you put out on social media for a second will live forever and can be damaging.

4. Follow people you want to be like. If you want to work for a specific PR company, follow the companies they represent. Or if there is a person that has your dream job, watch how they tweet and read the articles they post.

5. It’s never too late to start on any platform. Tailor your messages to the platform – for instance, Facebook posts should have no more than 3 sentences of text and use visuals to draw the audience in. For Twitter, look up what the biggest hashtags are for groups you are targeting.