What’s Your Internship?: Joanna Kresge

Joanna KresgeStudent: Joanna Kresge

Major: Communication (Journalism)

Grade: Senior

Position: 425 Business Editorial Intern, Winter Quarter, 15 hours a week, for credit with small stipend

What do your general duties include? Writing and photographing for online publication, fact checking, researching, writing small blurbs for the print magazine, editing, getting input on magazine production

How did you find out about the internship? “I found out about this internship through the Communication Department’s Interview to Internship (i2i) program.”

What made you decide to apply? “I was an Air Force photographer and when our career field merged with the journalists, we were expected to learn our new job. I worked in journalism for five years through the military, but I never got any formal training so I decided to get a journalism degree when I left the military. Now that I’ve been at the UW and I’ve been getting back into writing, I wanted an opportunity to write for publication again now that I’ve attained the education to help me be a better writer. In the past I’ve only written for newspapers and online publishing, and I was very curious about what goes in to producing a magazine. I was also interested in business writing because it’s a bit outside of my personal comfort zone and I wanted to push those boundaries.”

What do you like most about it? “I love seeing the magazine come together at the end of the month – all the pieces that we’ve worked on all month start to form a cohesive, whole entity with everyone working together for a common goal.”

Is there anything you would change? “I wish I lived closer to Bellevue (our office) because Bellevue traffic is horrendous.”

What’s the working environment like? “I really enjoy working from the main Premier Media Group office in Tacoma when it’s necessary because their office is so clean and bold – and everyone works together really well.”

How do you think it will help you and your future career goals? “Of course I’ll come away with published clips and photos, but more importantly I have a much better idea of what goes into publishing a magazine on a monthly basis. I learn something new every day.”

What’s your favorite accomplishment so far? “I’ve gotten one article published so far, but I think my proudest accomplishment is picking up the February issue of the magazine and knowing that I worked really hard to help make it what it is.”

What has been the biggest challenge? “The biggest challenge has been just getting past my own insecurities and remembering that I’m here to learn, not to be an expert journalist.”

Anything to add? “I think the i2i process was great. The folks at 425 Business called me in for a second interview because the i2i interview went by far too quickly, but it really helped me get my foot in the door.”