What’s Your Internship? Kendal Feider

Kendal FeiderStudent: Kendal Feider (B.A., 2014)

Majored in: Communication with Diversity Studies minor

Position: Seattle Seahawks Game Presentation Intern, paid, 25-30 hours per week, July through the Super Bowl (February).

Duties: “I had many projects, but generally it was preparing what was needed for the nearest home game. As the Game Presentation intern, I helped make the fan experience at games the best it could be. I researched music and content for the in game video boards, helped raise the 12 flag each game, and booked, organized, and managed live bands who performed around the stadium prior to kickoff.”

How did you find out about the internship? “I researched opportunities with the Seahawks a few years back and discovered their internship.”

What made you decide to apply? “Sports have always been a part of my life, whether I was playing one or had a job related to one. Growing up, I played competitive club soccer and ended up tearing my ACL my Junior year of high school, my hopes of playing in college came to an end. While in college, I missed the environment of sports, so I decided to work in the industry instead. I worked for the UW football team for two years during which my dream of working in the NFL, for the Seahawks, began.”

What did you like most about it? “The people who work there are incredible! Seriously, the whole organization is amazing.”

Is there anything you would change about it? “Not at all.”

What was the working environment like? “The environment was very inclusive and positive. They really make their interns feel a part of the team.”

How do you think it will help you and your future career goals? “Whether I remain connected to the sports industry or not, the experiences I have gained and the environment I was fortunate to be a part of has prepared me to take on any career I choose to pursue.”

What was your favorite accomplishment during the internship? “It’s not so much my favorite accomplishment, but more my favorite memory. I was at the Super Bowl and a highlight video played for the 70,000+ in attendance that I chose music for. It was an incredible moment for me to think that this large group of people, which included some celebrities, was watching this video that I had researched and chose audio for. The storyteller and film enthusiast in me was in awe that I was able to help shape/influence this experience for people who watched and appreciated the video.”

What was the biggest challenge? “The biggest challenge was trying to remain calm in times and environments of high stress. This has also been the biggest lesson I learned and continue to learn, which I am extremely thankful for.”

Anything else to add? “As difficult as it is to know what you want to do for a career while in college, it is important to pursue internships early. Begin researching companies and industries that interest you as early as your freshman year of college. That way you know that time frame of when you qualify for the internship and are able to apply before you realize it’s too late with a company you wish you had known or researched beforehand. In your internships, work hard, have fun, have an open mind, build friendships with everyone you can, and don’t be afraid to propose and initiate new projects that you believe will benefit the company/organization.”

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