What’s Your Internship? Kierra Elfalan (Take 2)

Kierra Elfalan at KING 5 news deskStudent: Kierra Elfalan

Major: Communication (Journalism)

Position: 10 weeks as KING 5 Morning News Intern and now doing 10 weeks as Evening Magazine Intern (can be up to 6 months); 20 hours per week, paid.

Duties: Writing broadcast scripts and web stories, answering phone calls, field producing, recording stand-ups on camera, responding to viewer questions, ingesting tapes from old stories, occasionally conducting interviews for stories, keeping the schedule updated (which includes the stories that will air that day and for the next two weeks), clipping video stories and posting them online, prepping tapes, shadowing television reporters in the field, transferring scripts, working in news broadcast program ENPS and INews, and assisting in any other tasks.

How did you find out about the internship? “I did a job shadow of morning news anchor Joyce Taylor and she told me about the internship for morning news. After that internship Taylor also told me about the Evening Magazine entertainment show internship.”

What made you decide to apply? “I need experience in broadcast because I am going to be a television news reporter after school. I knew the experience and all I would learn was not something I was going to get at UW, so I applied.”

What do you like most about it? “I love the fact that I am getting so much hands-on experience. I love that the producers and staff trust me like an employee and that they give me important tasks that are critical to the show and that make me feel like my position is important to them and their show. I also love the fact that I am making so many connections with professionals who are so willing to help me with my career and help me construct resumes and resume reels for broadcast.”

Is there anything you would change? “I wish the internships were longer than 10 weeks.”

What’s the working environment like? “The working environment is very busy, but extremely friendly. Everyone is professional, but they work together as a team to produce a great show! They are all extremely supportive of one another so the team is like a family.”

How do you think it will help you and your future career goals? “Like I said earlier, my goal is to become a TV news reporter – I am building tremendous experience, getting professional feedback on my skills, and building connections that might end up getting me a job at a TV news station after school.”

What’s your favorite accomplishment so far? “I have done enough on-camera stand-ups to build a great resume reel. Through watching and asking questions from the professionals I have learned to shoot my own stories, edit my own stories, and write scripts.”

What has been the biggest challenge? “The biggest challenge has been continuing to believe in myself and my future career after hearing mixed advice from people at KING-TV. Some tell me you don’t need to have gone to a broadcast school to become a TV news reporter. Others tell me there is no way I am going to have enough experience and knowledge without going to a school that has a broadcast journalism program. But the support I am receiving from KING-TV and all that I have learned has finally led me to believe that I can do this.”

Anything to add? “It has been one of the best experiences of my life working with both King 5 News and Evening Magazine. I’ve learned things that are going to be critical to my future career and I have learned that internships are the most important thing a student can do to get the job that they want after graduation. Finishing school is a major accomplishment, but without experience to pair with education it is almost impossible to accomplish exactly what you want.”