What’s Your Internship? Kierra Elfalan

Kierra ElfalanStudent: Kierra Elfalan

Major: Communication (Journalism)

Position: Equipment Room Intern with the UW Department of Communication tech team, Winter Quarter, number of hours vary based on credits earned

Duties: Checking journalism broadcast and photography equipment in and out to students. Make a tutorial featuring one equipment item for students who want to check the piece of equipment out. (View Kierra’s tutorial video here).

How did you find out about the internship? “I took an Adobe Premiere Workshop with UW Communication staff member Evan Swope, who was teaching the workshop. He told me about it.”

What made you decide to apply? “After I graduate I am going to become a TV news reporter. I thought it would be useful to become familiar with broadcast equipment.”

What do you like most about it? “The fact that I am learning how different pieces of equipment function. It is making me more knowledgeable and technological.”

Is there anything you would change? “Nope.”

What’s the working environment like? “I work by myself so sometimes it can be very slow when no one is coming in and checking out stuff, and at other times it can be very busy when everyone comes in at once.”

How do you think it will help you and your future career goals? “I am learning how to use the equipment I will be using for the industry I plan to go into. That is TV News.”

What’s your favorite accomplishment so far? “I’ve learned how to use the broadcast camera.”

What has been the biggest challenge? “Learning where all the equipment is and knowing how to answer all the questions about it when students who are checking it out ask.”