Olympia legislative reporters immersed in political journalism culture

The Olympia Legislative Reporting Internship is one of the premier opportunities offered by the Journalism Program, within the Department of Communication. Hear from last year’s cohort of students as they worked with news organizations, producing front page articles in the midst of seasoned reporters:

LaVendrick Smith: “One of the really cool things, aside from just being here and working, is getting this professional experience… I’m really immersed in this culture of being a full-time journalist.”

Walker Orenstein: “I really enjoy getting to work with professional reporters who are doing their everyday job… They teach you a whole lot just from being around them.”

Ashley Stewart: “When you are down here, you are not an intern. I don’t think anyone knows that you are and you definitely aren’t treated like one. You are really going out there like the rest of the press corps.”

Alice Day: “With this internship you are put on the same level as all the other reporters. It gives you credibility, not necessarily authority, but you have the opportunity to reach everybody and the legislators come to you. They want to talk to you.”

Cooper Inveen: “In Olympia, everything is moving at a million miles an hour the entire time and if you blink, you’re going to miss something… It really helps having these inspirational figures around you that are inspirational in the sense that they are doing what you want to be doing so much better than you.”

The deadline to apply for Winter 2016 is Monday, October 12. Information about how to apply and answers to frequently asked questions can be found here: http://www.com.washington.edu/journalism/olympia-internship/