What’s Your Internship? Olivia Fuller at KING 5

Olivia FullerJunior Olivia Fuller is majoring in Journalism and minoring in International Studies and Human Rights. A few years ago, she met alumna Kellie Cheadle (B.A., 1996), who has become a mentor to her as she pursues a career in broadcast journalism.

As Fuller finished up her Assignment Desk Internship at KING 5 News this quarter, Cheadle ended her 20-year run with the station to become the Executive Editor of Starbucks’ Coffee Blog. Cheadle worked her way up from being a news intern herself to becoming the first Multi-Platform Content Manager at KING 5 almost three years ago.

Read more about Fuller’s internship experience at KING 5:

Position: Assignment Desk Intern, KING 5 News, 20 hours per week, one quarter long

What did your duties include?

“My duties included assisting Assignment Editors with daily tasks, such as managing news tips received through email or over the phone by inputting newsworthy items or events into the coverage planning grid. I often made calls to government entities or credible sources to verify facts and gather information received in news tips, heard over the police scanners, posted to social media, etc. During newscasts, I escorted guests to and from their live appearances. Toward the end of my internship, I began filling in as a teleprompter operator during the nightside newscasts on weekends. On occasion, I also accompanied reporters on their stories in the field, helping them navigate, transport equipment, line up interviews, and simply observed their craft of creating a story from their pitch in the morning meetings to their final product airing on television.”

How did you find out about the internship?

“I sought Kellie Cheadle out for advice regarding my college decision during my senior year of high school. I knew I wanted to pursue a career in broadcast journalism, but was at the time torn between schools. My father knew Kellie’s husband from work, and passed her contact information along to me as a professional in the field that could help me weigh my options. She was more than willing to offer her wisdom and talked me through her path to her current position as the Multi-Platform Content Manager at KING 5 News. She mentioned the internship to me back then and said I should think about applying later into my college career, and I made it a goal to obtain an internship there before graduating.”

What made you decide to apply?

“I maintained contact with Kellie throughout the last few years, and also gained another mentor, a producer at KING named Michelle Flandreau, through my sorority. Between conversations with both of them and a longtime desire to pursue a career in broadcast journalism, applying for an internship was a priority of mine.”

What did you like most about it?

“I learned so much just being in the newsroom, honestly. I looked forward to going to work every day because I knew it would never be boring – whether that meant chaotic because of a major breaking news event or simply entertaining because of the friendly environment. The best part about the internship was being in the heart of the newsroom each day, soaking up everyone’s wisdom and expertise.”

Is there anything you would change about the internship?

“I wish I could have gone out with reporters more, but unfortunately my class schedule didn’t allow for it. I might just have to apply again for the summer!”

How do you think it will help you and your future career goals?

“The internship definitely helped me expand my network and connections to professionals in the broadcast journalism field. I also learned what it takes to be a broadcast reporter currently, and will focus the remainder of my time in school on building those necessary skills.”

What’s your favorite accomplishment from the internship?

“I just recently got trained on operating the teleprompter, so I will be able to fill in for the current teleprompter operators. Getting that experience and being trained in a new aspect of broadcast journalism is exciting and important for me as I continue to pursue a career in the field.”

What was the biggest challenge?

“The biggest challenge was balancing the internship with a full course load this quarter.”

Anything to add?

“Kellie has been so helpful over the past few years in helping to teach me about the broadcast journalism industry and where it is headed, in addition to offering advice regarding my education and career goals. I always learn and am challenged to think critically during our conversations, especially in discussing ways to make information more accessible and to adapt the field of journalism to an increasingly digital society. I value all that she has taught me and admire her work ethic. Her mentorship has really been invaluable to me in helping me develop as a journalist. Kellie is a mentor that I plan to keep in contact with as I continue my education and begin my career path.”