Cristina Acuna Travels to Mexico City with North American Scholarship

Cristina Acuna spent her summer in Mexico City with the UW Department of Communication working for CIMACnoticias. We asked Cristina about her time abroad and here is what she told us:

What did you love most about Mexico City?
Mexico City was a magical experience. It’s is a vibrant, culturally rich atmosphere that never seems to take a day off.

CA2Is there an article that was published that you are especially proud of?
My publication, CIMACnoticias, welcomed me like one of their own and put me to work right away. I covered feminist issues on the local and international realm. I got to visit the Mexican Supreme Court and cover an important decision about abortion. My articles were published by several blogs magazines and journals nationwide.

What successes have you had so far?
I met the Mexican mayor, Mancera, and attended a press conference on climate change. Because I speak Spanish fluently, I was also able to blend in and experience the day to day like a local.

Can you share a favorite anecdote from your trip – cool adventure, funny story, lesson learned?
Although it’s probably unnecessary to mention this, I loved the city so much that I am moving there at the end of the year to experience more of it.